synthetic chronicles

Various Artists – ‘Synthetic Chronicles’ (Neurobiotic)

A well produced mix of progressive and expansive morning/club psytrance with a touch of electro and some interesting collaborations compiled by Johannes Regnier aka Silicon Sound. Standout tracks ‘Passengers’ by Silicon Sound and Jaia, remixed by Voyager (project of the former Altom member Thomas Dubreuill), Polaris’ curiously simmonsed pumper ‘Tribal Quest’ and the groovy ‘Hyperion’ from Silicon Sound and DJ Psychotrop. Also cool on the progressive side are the remix of Antix’s ‘Little Honey’ and ‘Unannounced Portal’ a Liquid Soul track remixed by Side A and if you like a bit of searing guitar with your girly moans check out ‘City Slickers’ from Even 11 and Blue Planet Corporation. There’s even a tasty morsel for the Vince Noir brigade in the electroid shape of Jaia’s ‘Fragile’. Nice.
Stu (Kaptain Kairos)