Bom Shanka - The Laboratory

V/A – ‘The Laboratory’ (Bom Shanka Music)

Fourth attempt at floodlit cortex surgery from the Bom Shanka crew compiled by DJ Nuky. 10 psychedelic nighttime tracks of varying intensity from the likes of Psymmetrix, Asimilon, Parasense, Illegal Machines, Shotu, Dirty Saffi and Spyrallus. Top tunage comes in the form of Pymmetrix and Tron’s fluid groover ‘Random Positions on the Plate’ the funky collaboration of Asimillon and Parasense – ‘The Most Bizarre Aspect’ and Dirty Saffi’s rhythmically varied and fruitily percussed ‘Senile Dimension’. ‘Eye of Daruma’ by Spyrallus is also interesting causing spontaneous neck hair levitation and raised eyebrows with its twisted nitro fuelled combination of original sounds and textures. If you like your trance hard, dark and psychedelic you’d better get this.
Stu (Kaptain Kairos)