V/A – ‘Epeakurean’ (Peak Records)

Release number 16 from Swiss label Peak records, and it has quality written all over it with a capital ‘Q’. Compiled by DJ Gaspard and featuring an intro, an outro and 10 tripped out dance floor smashers. Onkel Dunkel commence the mind mashing tuneage followed by the likes of Ajja, Rev and Apex, Drumatik and DJ Amazon, Shotu, Karash, Full Face, Yab Yum and Apex, and new comers, UK based Deep Brian From Bosis while Cosmosophy close the album. You will find yourself awash with mind altering funky tunes with twists and turns aplenty, all of a very psychotropic nature that will guide you on a sonic adventure. Ranging in speed from 146 to 149 bpm, this is an essential album for any avid fan of psychedelic trance. It’s not dark, it’s not light, it’s psychedelic
Full Lotus (Ketuh)