journey - man who sold time-

Journey – ‘The Man Who Sold The Time’ (Free Sprit)

Diverse and neatly produced groovy debut album from label supremo Jay Om. Glitsches combine with filtered insectile sweeps over pumping basslines to fairly good effect. Standout tracks the satisfyingly nutty splurging jangled groover ‘Change’. The full-on bouncy progressive collaboration with M-Theory and Orgapulse – ‘Night Sessions’ and galloping bassed ‘The Barber of Gokharn’.
Although some of the tracks do seem to get a bit lost in the final third or alternatively throw away their hard earned tension with the addition of annoying, superflous melodic sequences overall its a good effort and bodes well for the future. Comes complete with electro tinged space dub outro in the shape of ‘Isolator’.
Stu (Kaptain Kairos)