Psychedelic trance heavyweights Tristan and Laughing Buddha combine forces with their new project ‘Fearsome Engine’. Named after an Iain Banks science fiction book, the music is energetic, full-on, irresistibly bristling and custom designed to ignite dancefloors. Their debut album ‘Biting Point’ is due out on Nano in march / april 2009.

Dream Creation mind melds with Tristan shortly before reporting for duty in Brazil.

How would you describe your music?
“Deep, funky, full-on, energetic, psychedelic, feel good party music.”

What are your musical influences?
“Good quality psychedelic trance music- Nano records, Dickster, Domestic,  Hallucinogen, Riktam and Bansi; top quality and esoteric plug-ins and programs, logic 8, ableton 7, and a few top secret weapons.”

How did you get together? 
“We have been friends for some years now, we live close together and have similar musical tastes. Being under the banner of nano records was the clincher”


How do you work together in the studio?
“50-50, we push, indulge and inspire each other.”

Favourite virtual synths / monitors?
“Vanguard, Imposcar, kontakt, korg ms20. monitors Jez uses genelecs, I use dynaudio” 

What are your views on ableton live? What do you use for live sets? 
“Ableton rocks, not only for live but for production as well. That’s definitely what we use; although we’re looking into rewiring into logic so we can use the plug-ins as well.”

Most bizarre gig / brazil experience?
“Getting electrocuted on stage at creamfields in brazil. all the equipment was live on stage so we could not touch any of it during the set.”

Favourite time to play at a party?
“Used to be the ‘magic’ hour just before dawn at good old psychedelic parties in the uk, now it’s late morning.”

Future plans – upcoming gigs?
“I’m off to brazil on a tour for 3 months, jez is at home enjoying the wonders of being a father for the first time.”