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“Hey there, have you been hiding under a rock? Let me fill you in on a little secret – Aphid Moon! Jules Hamer is the mastermind behind this incredible psy-trance project, and let me tell you, he’s got some serious skills! He’s the founder of Aphid Records, a London-based label that’s taking the psy-trance world by storm. His music will transport you to another universe – it’s that good! He’s got four super mind-blowing albums that will have you dancing until your feet hurt. His latest album, ‘Super Collider’, is out of this world and shows off his unique and evolving psychedelic sound. You won’t see Jules just in line with the rest; he’s regularly in the top ten of the Beatport Psy Trance charts! But he’s not just a producer, his live performances are out-of-this-world, guaranteeing that you’ll have the time of your life!”