synthetic chronicles

Various Artists – ‘Synthetic Chronicles’ (Neurobiotic)

A well produced mix of progressive and expansive morning/club psytrance with a touch of electro and some interesting collaborations compiled by Johannes Regnier aka Silicon Sound. Standout tracks ‘Passengers’ by Silicon Sound and Jaia, remixed by Voyager (project of the former Altom member Thomas Dubreuill), Polaris’ curiously simmonsed pumper ‘Tribal Quest’ and the groovy ‘Hyperion’ from Silicon Sound and DJ Psychotrop. Also cool on the progressive side are the remix of Antix’s ‘Little Honey’ and ‘Unannounced Portal’ a Liquid Soul track remixed by Side A and if you like a bit of searing guitar with your girly moans check out ‘City Slickers’ from Even 11 and Blue Planet Corporation. There’s even a tasty morsel for the Vince Noir brigade in the electroid shape of Jaia’s ‘Fragile’. Nice.Stu (Kaptain Kairos)

journey - man who sold time-

Journey – ‘The Man Who Sold The Time’ (Free Sprit)

Diverse and neatly produced groovy debut album from label supremo Jay Om. Glitsches combine with filtered insectile sweeps over pumping basslines to fairly good effect. Standout tracks the satisfyingly nutty splurging jangled groover ‘Change’. The full-on bouncy progressive collaboration with M-Theory and Orgapulse – ‘Night Sessions’ and galloping bassed ‘The Barber of Gokharn’.Although some of the tracks do seem to get a bit lost in the final third or alternatively throw away their hard earned tension with the addition of annoying, superflous melodic sequences overall its a good effort and bodes well for the future. Comes complete with electro tinged space dub outro in the shape of ‘Isolator’.Stu (Kaptain Kairos)

Bom Shanka - The Laboratory

V/A – ‘The Laboratory’ (Bom Shanka Music)

Fourth attempt at floodlit cortex surgery from the Bom Shanka crew compiled by DJ Nuky. 10 psychedelic nighttime tracks of varying intensity from the likes of Psymmetrix, Asimilon, Parasense, Illegal Machines, Shotu, Dirty Saffi and Spyrallus. Top tunage comes in the form of Pymmetrix and Tron’s fluid groover ‘Random Positions on the Plate’ the funky collaboration of Asimillon and Parasense – ‘The Most Bizarre Aspect’ and Dirty Saffi’s rhythmically varied and fruitily percussed ‘Senile Dimension’. ‘Eye of Daruma’ by Spyrallus is also interesting causing spontaneous neck hair levitation and raised eyebrows with its twisted nitro fuelled combination of original sounds and textures. If you like your trance hard, dark and psychedelic you’d better get this.Stu (Kaptain Kairos)

V/A – ‘Epeakurean’ (Peak Records)

Release number 16 from Swiss label Peak records, and it has quality written all over it with a capital ‘Q’. Compiled by DJ Gaspard and featuring an intro, an outro and 10 tripped out dance floor smashers. Onkel Dunkel commence the mind mashing tuneage followed by the likes of Ajja, Rev and Apex, Drumatik and DJ Amazon, Shotu, Karash, Full Face, Yab Yum and Apex, and new comers, UK based Deep Brian From Bosis while Cosmosophy close the album. You will find yourself awash with mind altering funky tunes with twists and turns aplenty, all of a very psychotropic nature that will guide you on a sonic adventure. Ranging in speed from 146 to 149 bpm, this is an essential album for any avid fan of psychedelic trance. It’s not dark, it’s not light, it’s psychedelicFull Lotus (Ketuh)

OOOD – ‘Fourthought’ (Phar Psyde Records)

Fourth release from the Bristol based four piece that goes for the versatile ‘live’ band angle with a range of styles from slow hypnotic progressive to messy bigbeat, grooving trance, slamming 303 acid and dub. The production adds to the live feel in that it lacks the dynamic ‘coup de grace’ punch of alot of recently released psytrance although it makes up for this through its diversity and general musicianship. My favourites are the catchy ‘Starseeker’ with its listen with mother intro, the simpsons / monty python slapstic injected ‘Durka Durka’ and ‘Gawn Sarf’ with its ‘cream poured in slow motion’ dubby lushness. Overall an interesting and varied listen that seeks to define itself outside the psytrance formula with some success.Stu (Kaptain Kairos)