Brazilian trance phenomenon ‘Burn In Noise’ aka Gustavo Manfroni recently released his second album “Passing Clouds” on Alchemy records featuring collaborations with Headroom, Cosmosis and DJ Tatha. It’s strong warm basslines, surgical production standards and infectious psychedelic lead lines heralding a fresh and very welcome new course for full-on (ie not progressive) trance.

A rock guitarist from an early age, Gustavo discovered psytrance on a trip to London in 1999, prompting a change in his musical focus towards electronic dance music.

2 years later his debut album “Broken MP3” came out on Vagalume Records, a brazilian label run by DJ Swarup – organiser of ‘Parallelo Universo’ and member of Gustavo’s excellent side project ‘The First Stone’ (along with DJ and percussionist Zumbi.)

Dream Creation catch up with the maverick maestro to find out more:

What are your musical influences?
“I love reggae, rock, blues, jazz… all kinds of music, from Peter Tosh to Squarepusher or from Jimi Hendrix to NOFX. In psytrance I like Alchemy / Nano / Vagalume style of music.”

Why choose the name ‘Burn In Noise’?
“Not really a big meaning behind it. I used to love the Atari Teenage Riot cd “Burn Berlin Burn” so that explains ‘Burn In’ and the ‘Noise’ part is from Sonic Youth whose music inspired me back in time.”

Favourite musical collaborators?
“In the last months I did lots of nice collaborations with so many good friends. Dickster, Cosmosis, Headroom. I made a remix of an Allaby track too. Right now I’m working with Dickster on our 3rd track together as well as remixing AMD’s ‘Big Dipper’

How do you work together in the studio as The First Stone with Swarup and Zumbi?

“Easy. We have similar taste to music. We 3 get together and start working on some ideas. Its good because we can have 3 different angles of it and it makes each track very unique”

What are your views on Ableton Live? do you use for live sets?
“Ableton is very good for playing live. It gives you lots of possibilities. I use Ableton Live and Synths.”

How is the Brazilian psychedelic party scene generally?
“Its big. Still some very nice parties going on, but lots of bad ones too. The festivals are quite nice in general. Universo Parallelo has an amazing vibe. The best Festival for me.”

Instant download Vs CD distribution?
“I think its really important to keep up with technology. As downloads become a big thing in our lives, I think it is growing in psytrance too. In a way its great as its easier to instantly get the music and you can select and buy only 1 track if you like, but it also makes the music more disposable, because anyone can sell music on the internet.”

Future releases on Vagalume?
“Vagalume is now digital. We’re releasing a series called ‘Planets’. 1 digital ep a month with 3 tracks on it.”

Favourite parties / countries to play in?
“Universo Parallelo and Boom Festival. I love Brazil. Great crowd. London is great too.”

Favourite time to play at a party?
“Daytime generally but I like night time if its in a club.”

Anything you would like to tell the world?
“keep into psy, peace and health to all.”