Month: October 2021

James Corbet – the bystander effect

The bystander effect describes a seeming paradox: the more people who are around to help in a given emergency, the less likely that any one individual will actually stop to help. Today James dives into the psychology underlying the bystander effect and explains how we can flip this quirk of human cognition on its head to help change the world for the better.

Meet the Flockers – Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab wants the world to enter into his dream of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where we will own nothing and be happy.

In this deep dive we look into his background, ancient ancestry, Nazi affiliations, and his backers like Sir Henry Kissinger.

Monopoly – who owns the world?

Monopoly: an overview of the Great Reset – this informative video gives an overview of what is currently happening in the world in just 1 hour.

You can download it here: