Burn In Noise

BURN IN NOISE Brazilian trance phenomenon ‘Burn In Noise’ aka Gustavo Manfroni recently released his second album “Passing Clouds” on Alchemy records featuring collaborations with Headroom, Cosmosis and DJ Tatha. It’s strong warm basslines, surgical production standards and infectious psychedelic lead lines heralding a fresh and very welcome new course for full-on (ie not progressive) …

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Fearsome Engine

FEARSOME ENGINE Psychedelic trance heavyweights Tristan and Laughing Buddha combine forces with their new project ‘Fearsome Engine’. Named after an Iain Banks science fiction book, the music is energetic, full-on, irresistibly bristling and custom designed to ignite dancefloors. Their debut album ‘Biting Point’ is due out on Nano in march / april 2009. Dream Creation …

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Aphid Moon Interview

“Look you can see them there on the stem” he points “the ant is milking them and protecting them at the same time – it’s a naturally symbiotic relationship.” As I focus on the stem, Jules sprays a jet of something from a bottle, quite possibly a Novichok derivative originally designed for door handles and …

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DJ Kaptain Kairos Mix - Radiozora 2015